Thursday, July 14, 2011

A.S.S.A.T. Member notice PLEASE READ

AEWE A.S.S.A.T. members please send your email address to for Summit Event picture sharing.


Gooooooooooood Morning Campers!

Welcome home to Pure Michigan............

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AEWE11 has landed at the BACC


Now we have a quartet....

Taking requests......

Jacob Covert's American Idol warm up

Jacob helping us pass the time....

Groups 5 & 6 Sharon, Ron, Amanda & Clint

Up the South Fork of Cascade Canyon

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Almost cleared IOWA!

Whew that's another long state....

Groups 3 & 8 Paint Brush Canyon Seth & Shari, Ray & Margo Leaders

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Mr. Scheetz drools!!!

AEWE Wannabe Cowboy @ the Cody Rodeo
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Rolling down the road....

Looking forward to our own beds tonight. Another perfect night for sleeping in a tent. We have been so very fortunate with weather during the trip.

Safe phone charging at the Grand Island KOA

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pulling in to Grand Island, Nebraska KOA for the night! Coldwater, Michigan tomorrow night.

Blaze Watson says "Nebraska is AWESOME"

AEWE booted out of Wyoming and decide to check out 454 miles of exciting Nebraska!

Meet the A.S.S.A.T.

Meet the AEWE Super Snow Ascent Team

Coldwater Bound......................

On the road since 7 AM MST, we're headed to Laramie, Wyoming on I-80 nearing Elk Mtn. Ultimately Grand Island, Nebraska for some needed sleep


I think we finally wore them out.Plugging away toward home...the bus is strangely quiet.....Shhhhh.....

Headed home!

We were all packed up and on the road by 9am Michigan time.  We are enjoying the beautiful morning mountain views as we drive out.

Friday, July 8, 2011

All set up in Coulter Bay Campground

We spent the evening preparing for a 9am departure into the Backcountry tomorrow morning. We met with rangers and we feel good about our trails. Posting will be minimal if any at all until we get out on Monday afternoon.


Long beautiful day in Yellowstone. Leaving now to head to our campsite in the Tetons. Backcountry tomorrow! Woot woot!

Old Faithful....

She didn't let us down. Thank you to Walt for your enthusiasm!

Grand Prismatic hot spring.....

The ground is boiling!

This is our view

Wow...just wow

Artist Point, Yellowstone National Park

Having a blast....

Outdoor Breakfast in Cody!

Free pancakes in Cody!  You gotta love it. Off to see the sights of Yellowstone soon.

Good morning Campers

Packing up after a great night at the Cody rodeo. Yellowstone today.